I have a personal, inner conflict with Instagram. Many people will read this and think I am overexaggerating and I am aware that they are totally enabled to think so. But this is were I can write personal stuff, because maybe 10 people will read it anyways so I’ll just do it, cause I love to put the thought out there.

So in the last three months or so I am not posting my pictures on Instagram and for me that changed a lot. I didn’t stop taking pictures of course.

It’s just that I felt really frustrated with how Instagram works and how the people are using it. Before I stopped posting my pictures I would often found myself wondering, whilst I was shooting on the streets, what I might photograph so the people will like it and I will therefor gain more likes and more followers.

Cause that is probably how you think when you re using the platform, it’s how it works. Some friends of mine even did this thing were you follow a lot of people so that they follow you back and your account grows and then you would use this „influence“ to place ads and stuff. It was there business idea and Instagram is becoming or already is all about business. It’s about making money and not celebrating art and photography. Maybe it never was and I was just to dumm to realize it.

But my point is that instead of taking pictures for myself I started thinking about taking pictures for other people. And yes this is my very own personal problem but it freaked me out once I realized it. So I began taking pictures for my own and only showing them to friends. And I had an whole other drive.

I am enjoying photography more for my own and I think I never finished more rolls of film since then. So from now on I will (maybe temporarily) only publish my photographic work here on this tiny little website. I mean thats why I got it at the first place, to be able to show my content on a platform I can individually design and change after my gusto, so that the single image can really stand out. 

So I hope you enjoy the albums I recently uploaded and you will maybe turn by this website some time in the future again. 

Thanks for now