December 2016

My photography since yet

So this is my first entry for my photography website. I just recently started to shoot film, because I am 20 years old and I grew up mostly shooting digital. In the last years, I only took my digital camera with me when I was traveling, photographing landscapes and the people I traveled with. But it wasn't exciting, it wasn't pushing or challenging me in any way. You take the photo and immediately see your image or you look on your display and watch how your image may look like, if you'd press the shutter. This is a convenient way of photographing and in many ways I see the benefits of the digital revolution, making the life of so many photographers a lot easier. But for me, there is something that gets lost in this quick way of photography. Before I started shooting analog, I felt like I was missing out on something, even though I probably did not know what it was. So now I am shooting film for like three months and I finally see what was missing the whole time.

It's the mystery, the excitement and the "not knowing" how your picture will turn out. Of having pictures with undesired mistakes, who are far from being the "perfect shot". It's the process of try and error from wich I am learning with every roll I develop.

Don´t get me wrong on this, I don´t want to say film photography is better than digital, cause there is no comparison. You can´t put one over the other, because they are different technics of image creation. And I still shoot a lot of digital with my brother. But for now, film photography got my whole attention and I am loving it more with every day, that I'm learning from it.

Hope everybody who chrases by on this site will also see why. Have a lovely day and stay tuned.