• Ireland


    Nearly 4 weeks I traveled with two of my closest friends through north and south Thailand. It was my first time in an asian country and I collected a lot of new experiences along the way. I think Thailand is a little bit too touristy for my taste. But as soon as you leave the crowded cities or islands you see a lot more of what Thailand used to be. With this Album I really tried to focus on everyday life in Thailand. And as tourism plays a big part in it, it is also included. The monks were very fascinating for me, so I also picked them out a lot. I hope you enjoy this album and get a small glance in what I saw along the way.

Augsburg Street (2)

It isn´t the craziest city. It hasn´t got the biggest charm. But it has real people. I don´t need more.


Some impressions from the few days there.


A roadtrip through Ireland


4 weeks of everyday Thailand


3 days in the beautiful Italian city of Milan.

Milan Room

Portraits in our apartment

New York

Cruising through the city of freedom


A one day trip to the beautiful city of Strasbourg

Augsburg Street

Hitting the streets of Augsburg

Three days on a foggy hut

The second morning with fog creeping in.