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    New York

    A 5 day trip to New York with my brother. It was incredible! At first I felt like everything was a little bit to much for me. The big skyscrapers, the traffic, the people, the atmosphere all that had such an impact on me that I somehow felt like in a movie scene, not explicitly in a good way though. It somehow was unreal and after the long flight I was suddenly standing in the middle of time square and asked myself if I really like it here? The next days I was kinda slowly grooving into the city rhythm and hour for hour I was beginning to fall in love with the NY. Skating through the streets of such a huge metropolis gave me the feeling of unbounded freedom. Nobody cared if we skated in the middle of the streets, passing by police officers, american trucks or the yellow taxi cabs. I realized for myself that I liked downtown Manhatten the most, with the colorful houses, chinese food places and young fashion conscious people running around. I guess downtown is the more creative corner of NY. I couldn’t see the whole city, it was just an impression I got but that impression really wants to makes me go there again. See you next time!

Augsburg Street (2)

It isn´t the craziest city. It hasn´t got the biggest charm. But it has real people. I don´t need more.


Some impressions from the few days there.


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3 days in the beautiful Italian city of Milan.

Milan Room

Portraits in our apartment

New York

Cruising through the city of freedom


A one day trip to the beautiful city of Strasbourg

Augsburg Street

Hitting the streets of Augsburg

Three days on a foggy hut

The second morning with fog creeping in.